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Your company's glassdoor rating matters highly to prospective employees.

The best way to ensure that these reviews do not affect your employment process is to remove them. That’s where we come in: to ensure that your online reputation is as clean as a glass door. With our Negative Glassdoor removal services, Online Reputation Manage objective is to assist companies in restoring their reputation. When you come to us, we’ll do everything to repair the harm not only in Glassdoor but also in other portals of your brand and restore your online reputation.

Glassdoor is a most popular job and company review website with over 60 million monthly visitors.

Employee hiring, retention, satisfaction, engagement, and productivity can all be influenced by a company’s Glassdoor profile. For example, a 1-star increase in a company’s Glassdoor rating increases the likelihood of a typical employee staying for their next job by 4%. Furthermore, it costs companies 33 percent of a worker’s annual compensation to replace a departing employee.

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