Personality Reputation management

Character is who you are and reputation is something that other people think you are.

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personality reputation management

What we do is portray you the way you want. Online reputation management is basically the effort to influence the way of thinking of people online towards the brand or a person.

Reputation management is as important as for personalities as businesses. Nowadays, celebrities and influencers are interacting with the masses over social media channels, sometimes they are judged and trolled by the people over dressing sense, linkups and activities etc which creates buzz or headlines.

These headlines and news directly or indirectly create problems for celebrities. We take care of their online reputation of celebrities and keep their social image intact in the visual world by tracking comments, reviews, social media sites, discussions, news, blogs and fan pages.

Some call this as Personal Reputation Management Service or Individual Online Reputation Management Service.

celebrity Reputation Management

celebrity reputation management

Celebrities, politicians and public figures might have to face the challenge of the reputation crisis sometimes. As an agency, we make sure that no embarrassing or negative content is popping up while searching for their name or in other cases. We make sure positive content is ranking up from the negative links. We dedicatedly work on positive keywords so that no negative suggestions are coming. We will work closely with your press agency to make sure the positive message is put front and centre on all the search engines. Social media management for celebrities and influencers is also an important piece of the puzzle that we leverage to mold your reputation.

Personal Reputation Management

personality reputation management

No personal reputation exists for doctors, dentists, engineers or businessmen. What individuals see when they look for you on the web, and what others are saying about you in the press, Social media, online forums, profiles, recordings and pictures affect how individuals see you. We’re discussing everybody from your expert circle and managers to your family, companions and the networks you live and work in.

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mugshot removal

Mugshot Removals

Online Reputation Manage helps to make mugshots to vanish from top Google index lists by streamlining positive content and resources. We keep a check on all mugshot submission websites and guarantees timely remedial actions.

morphed picture removal

Morphed pictures

Sometimes there’s a situation when people go beyond the line to defame your image by publishing morphed pictures over the web, Online Reputation Manage take care of all the morphed and offensive pictures that are getting published.

tempered content prevention

Tampered content

Online Reputation Manage have been doing this for celebrities for a longer period of time. We have altered comments and leaked videos of celebrities in many cases. Because there are more chances of getting this kind of content go viral in no time. Online Reputation Manage focus on wiping them out before they become powerful.

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