5 Link Building Outreach Email Templates you can try in 2023

Link Building is one of the most important SEO Ranking Factor in 2020. With a great amount of high-quality backlink from sites who have high DA and PA, a site can jump ranks easily. Link building is time taking but the time spent on it is worth it. There are a lot of different ways to create build links. One such method is creating content on a similar topic as of your competitors, researching who is linking to that particular piece of content, and outreaching these linking sites with your piece of content to collaborate. Below we have listed the most effective outreach link building outreach email templates that have worked for businesses and companies ranging from small to large.


  1. The Reasonable Approach
Link Building Outreach Email Templates 1

2. The Polite Approach

Link Building Outreach Email Templates 2

3. The “I am not a bootlicker” Approach

Link Building Outreach Email Templates 3

4. The Direct But Comprehensive Approach

Link Building Outreach Email Templates 4

5. The Direct Approach 

Link Building Outreach Email Templates 5

Few points you should focus on

  1. Keep the headlines short and sweet.
  2. Do a proof-reading. Ask someone to read the mail before you hit sent to the receiver. A third person’s perspective can make a lot of difference.
  3. Check for grammatical errors. Use Grammarly or MS Word to find and correct any grammatical error
  4. Edit again and again until its perfect.
  5. Be economic with your words because the reader is probably business doing something else so he/she will have a short amount of attention span. Use It well.
  6. Don’t fake flattery. If you found something interesting only then compliment because it is very easy to tell if anybody ‘s compliments are fake and bogus.
  7. Do follow-ups but take at least 2-3 days to send a follow-up mail

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