How to Rank in Google’s Featured Snippets

google's featured snippets

Online Reputation Manage – Google provides opportunities for google’s featured snippets. A ‘featured snippet box’ is a relatively new feature introduced by Google to assist searchers in finding answers more quickly without having to visit any website. Or, at the very least, to get a sense of a possible answer before visiting the website for more information.

In this post, you will learn what a featured snippet is, how to optimize your content so that it appears in Google’s featured snippet box, with Online Reputation Manage.

What is a Google’s featured snippets?

Featured snippets are extended search results that appear at the top of Google and quickly answer users’ questions. Featured snippets are typically in the form of a list, chart, or video and are frequently displayed in response to informational or long-form search queries. Featured Snippets are useful in many situations, particularly when there is a single direct answer to a question or a set of steps to take.


Featured snippets allow users to get answers to their questions without having to click on a link. If you Google “search volume,” for example, the first result is a definition box. So you can quickly read through and get some answers to your search query without having to go to the website that hosts the information.

How to rank in Google’s Featured Snippet:
1. Summarize the answer to a question in one paragraph

Answering a question is the simplest way to rank in the featured snippet. That is, there is still a good chance for you to rank there as well. So, when someone types who/what/when/where/why into Google, your response appears. Remember that the same SEO rules apply, and Google only wants to show the best content. And Google always considers the most important parts of a page to be at the top of the content.

2. Use the right format.

Paragraphs, tables, lists (bulleted and numbered), and YouTube videos are all examples of featured snippets. you’ll know what type of featured snippet appears most frequently for your target keyword. When creating your content, you should follow the same format. Google, for example, prefers to promote content that is useful, interesting, and comprehensive. If Google displays a paragraph snippet, you should keep your content in text format.

3. Optimize your Page Structure and headings

The best on-page SEO practices such as using one H1 tag for the page title and then H2 and H3 tags for subheadings along with

for text are important. Google must correctly understand a page before extracting text for featured snippets, so making the crawler’s job easier helps in this regard.

4. Include images with relevant ALT text

This is the most important factor, and a good idea to have at least one image on the page with relevant ALT text. Google occasionally displays an image next to the answer for a featured snippet. When a featured snippet includes an image, it is much more likely to capture the attention of a searcher. Include an image next to your target keyword and answer to increase the visibility of your featured snippet and drive more clicks to your site.

5. Don’t Forget About Backlinks

Remember that the majority of the featured snippets are already on Google’s first page. Don’t ignore proper SEO practices in order to answer as many questions as possible. However, good content is insufficient. If you want to appear in the featured snippet, you must ensure that your content ranks highly organically. This means you must work hard to obtain as many high-quality backlinks as possible.

6. Answer questions that ‘People also ask’

The People Also Ask (PAA) box is one of several interactive SERP features that may appear in conjunction with a specific search result. Providing direct answers to questions people ask on Google is one way to increase your chances of getting a featured snippet. These queries/questions are ideal candidates for being featured in a snippet. The most common PAA results are text-based, with helpful features such as bulleted lists. However, they have been known to include tables, graphics, and even videos – anything that the searcher might find useful.

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