What is more important: Character Or Personality


Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open.  – Elmer G. Letterman.”

Character refers to the sums of individual qualities that a person has which differentiates him/her from others. Character is simply a unique set of mental and moral qualities. Character is something which comes from within and is often long lived. A character takes far longer to figure out. It incorporates attributes that uncover themselves just in explicit—and regularly phenomenal—conditions, characteristics like genuineness, excellence, and generosity. Unexpectedly, research has demonstrated that character qualities are resolved to a great extent by heredity and are generally changeless. The seemingly increasingly significant qualities of character, then again, are progressively changing—however, not without great effort. Character attributes, instead of character qualities, depend on convictions (e.g., that trustworthiness and treating others well is significant—or not), and however convictions can be changed, it’s far more difficult than most figure it out.

Personality is the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive persona. Personality is easier to read through, and we’re all specialists at it. We judge individuals as interesting, outgoing, vivacious, hopeful, certain—just as excessively genuine, sluggish, negative, and timid—if not at that instance but after some point of time. However, we may require more than one communication to affirm the nearness of these sorts of traits, when we conclude they are, truth be told, present we’ve ordinarily done enough information to legitimize our decisions.

While personality is perceived as permanent, the character is something that is developed. Personality is what you seem to be whereas character is who you actually are! Character advancement isn’t just about looking great and wearing costly brands. It is additionally about building up one’s internal identity and being a decent individual. A good character definitely helps you create a winning personality. Character is the foundation of the personality you build over the years. Just as no worthy building can be erected without a good foundation, no lasting good personality can be built on a weak character.

We unwittingly connect personality to character for two fundamental reasons: we need to like individuals we effectively like, and the most dependable approach to survey an individual’s character is arduous and tedious. We really need to watch individuals in character-challenges circumstances so as to make dependable conclusions about their character. For instance, on the off chance that we watch somebody lie effectively, we can be sensibly sure from even only one occasion that they’ve done as such previously and will do so again later on, as the best indicator of future conduct is past conduct. In synopsis, the key point here is to be careful with the distinction between being pulled in to the outer (personality) and being pulled in to the inside (character.) A relationship can’t be established on personality alone; it is a character that assembles the relationship and prompts fulfilment and beneficial interaction. Hence, a character is much of greater importance as it inherently moulds your personality and makes it permanent. 

You must have come across this line quite often “Reputation Matters but character leads the way”. Reputation is the basis of leadership. It is built over many years, one word at a time, one action at a time, one deed at a time. Reputation is one of the powerful assets about what others think of us, and it’s the foundation of how we distinguish ourselves. The key goal in shaping this reputation is keeping the personal character as the driving factor. But what if you have a strong character but not quite able to build that strong reputation?

 With the advancing digital world, businesses and personalities are often worried about maintaining their online reputation as they are attacked by reputation hampering drivers like negative publicity, bad reviews, unflattering articles, derogatory comments, etc. anywhere on the internet. So, when businesses and individuals have that strong character to excel what they just need is an online reputation management system in place to monitor how people perceive them on the internet. Online reputation management services deal with addressing and monitoring negative content related to you/your brand online and using customer feedback to clean up any derogatory remarks made anywhere on the internet. Businesses and personalities often outsource their reputation monitoring to the best online reputation management agencies.  Online Reputation Manage is one such agency with the best industrial expertise and online reputation management tools to monitor you or your brand’s reputation in the online community i.e. blogs, articles, online forums, search engines and of course, social media

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