Why Does Your Company Need Wikipedia?

Wikipedia creation and management
why you need wikipedia

One of the astonishing facts that will tell you the need of Wikipedia is- Wikipedia appears for almost 99% of the search queries. In fact, if you have ever searched anything on Google, you must have noticed that Wikipedia link appears as one of the first 5 pages in 8 out of 10 search results. Even for one word search queries, it appears in the top 10 pages.

This single static tells everything about having an online presence on Wikipedia and the benefits that you and your company will reap after that. Having a page on Wikipedia will help in improving your brand reputation and brand search results. There are multiple benefits of having a well-crafted Wikipedia page, it not only provides credibility to your brand but also legitimises your company to the searcher. 

As most of the people find it easier to search about any brand or company online. Having a remarkable online presence, especially on Wikipedia will act as a power booster for your personal reputation as well as your business reputation.

Furthermore, the page content available on Wikipedia is used by Google for providing right-hand knowledge and for showing the description of the company that is being searched by the user.

Before you understand the need for making a Wikipedia page for your company, let’s quickly get into the basics so, that we can understand its benefits well.

What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia can be considered as a collaborative encyclopaedia.It is an open-source site, that doesn’t hire content writers to write blog posts. But if used in an effective manner it can become an efficient online marketing tool for your personal branding and even your business.

Need For Having Wikipedia Presence:

Wikipedia plays a huge role in your online reputation. The few benefits that are provided by Wikipedia are-

  • It allows you to create or edit your business or personal branding posts on its website.
  • The page created by you for your business reputation on Wikipedia can bring significant improvement in the online reputation management of your company as well as personal brand.
  • Having a Wikipedia content page adds a level of authenticity, credibility, and even prestige to your business and to your personality as well.
  • It improves the chances of getting more organic traffic to the website and draws the searcher’s attention to your personal brand.
  • Most important benefit provided by it is considerable amount of increase in sales of your products and services.
  • Wikipedia enhances your visibility in search engine results,which is one of the pros of SEO reputation management.
  • All the companies with good reputation management make sure to have Wikipedia Presence as it provides them with an additional website presence that will depict their company with integrity and gains the confidence of the stakeholders.
  • As it appears for 99% of the search queries, it provides your brand automatic SEO boost on Google, that too without incurring any additional cost and putting an extra burden on your pocket.

How to Reap All these Benefits?

Even though these pros might sound alluring, but reaping all these benefits is not as easy as it sounds. There are certain guidelines that need to follow while writing on Wiki, otherwise your content may get removed from the site. Since, Wikipedia does not allow you to create biased or promotional content, you have to be a bit attentive to write effectively. Writing on Wikipedia is not at all an easy task to do, even after reading the guidelines. The task is really cumbersome and can be gruelling for a novice. The best way to reap all these benefits of writing on a Wikipedia is to hire an Online Reputation Management Company

Online Reputation Manage is an ORM company in India that focuses on providing efficient and reliable services to their clients. With a track record of 300+ happy customers, they provide 98% customer satisfaction. Hiring an online reputation management company will not only improve your search engine ranking, but it will even remove any negative comment or reviews that are available on any of the sites. Having a regular check on your company’s reputation on all social media sites will help you in saving your reputation and will work as a guide to tell you when you need to make changes in your content to have a better online presence.



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