Every personality has two sides, a person from inside and a person from outside. A person from inside concerns you and only the person you think you are. It may include your goal, your dream, your value, your fear, your sorrow and your happiness too. That’s why the person from inside is referred as “your identity” of whom you are. And here comes the second, a person from outside. It concerns the person opposite to you, that’s me and other than you who think you are. It includes their perception, their opinion, their idea, their suggestion, their impression, and their viewpoint about how you are and what you have to be. Hence the person from outside is often referred as “your reputation” of how you appear.

You cannot gain a good reputation at a single nightstand; it takes a way long time to gain it.  As Warren Buffet rightly said,

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently”

Reputation is always a social standing of your past behaviours. It is a statue of reflection with a basement of your past actions, present appearance and future plans. It always has a key role in judging a person. As we know people are sometimes…., well many times a prejudice. They often judge you by your reputation. Luckily if your reputation is good, you don’t have to bother further. But if your reputation is quiet bad, don’t worry we are here, this is for you and it is the time to redeem your reputation.

Never assume your bad reputation as an insignificant one; they are the actual one’s that bring perils that you have never imagined about.

Executives say that, on average, 49% of the company’s reputation is attributable to its CEO’s reputation. Not only at a higher level even at the lower level, recruiter’s prefer the one who seems to have a good social reputation. Social recruiting is growing fast and all companies are using them in one form or another. If employers see something they don’t like it can have an influence on their decision of hiring.

  95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates. 

  84% of businesses are using social media to hire new employees.  

70% of employers are using social media to screen potential candidates and 57% of employers are less likely to interview you if they can’t find you online.

  54% of employers are deciding not to hire you based on your social media profiles.

The above listed bothers a normal individual more, who strives to get his/her perfect career. But when it comes to celebrities, their whole livelihood depends upon their reputation alone. And this is the case with not just the celebs. Politicians, lawyers, real estate agents, etc. also go through similar cases. There is no scale to measure the level of importance of reputation in once life. It can be either good that brings good deed or bad that brings a crisis.

What factors can probably affect your online reputation?

1.      Transparency: The gap between your reputation and reality (that is your identity mention above) describes the level of transparency and risk. The more you are transparent, the less your reputational risk is. Usually, disputes arise and rumours circulate due to misunderstandings, which can be dispelled completely through the right disclosure of things at the right time.

2.      Multilogue: There are days where the communication is completely monologue, people watch you and hear you through television, newspaper, magazines and radio. They are unable to communicate the way they feel about you. But as time changes the communication becomes multilogue, and they are eager to both praise and curse you directly through any medium.

3.      Reviews and response: Interaction with people encourages a good relationship. Reviews are the people’s weapon that stands beside you and also against you. You can add value to their reviews only through your response. How you respond and how you treat people reflects on your reputation.

4.      Responsibility: when you know that people are watching you, you have to be more responsible than the normal. How you express your opinions and beliefs, how you share your thoughts, talents, charisma has an effect on their attention. 

5.      Consistency and connectivity: For the audience to recognize who you are, you have to be consistent.Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time’- John Maxwell.

6.      Profile: Build rich profiles which positively portray your personality, skills, and expertise. If you’re looking to build up your professional image, use your web page to talk about past achievements, CV, job positions you’ve held, and so on. Having a rich, up-to-date LinkedIn profile is extremely valuable as well. LinkedIn works as a virtual CV or resume, so it’s naturally indexed by search engines and ranked highly in job search results.

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