Online Reputation Manage - Analyzing the Effects of Glassdoor Review Removal on Employer Branding

Online reviews are incorporated by various employers in their strategy for branding. The Glassdoor community, a growing and trusted online review platform, is now an integral part of the job search process. However, in most cases, companies receive some negative reviews on Glassdoor and when a company receives negative reviews through Glassdoor, it is a very stressful experience because it reduces the candidate’s attractiveness to the organization and the confidence of potential customers.

This raises the question: how does removing negative Glassdoor reviews affect employer branding? This blog post,  Online Reputation Manage will explain the impact of Glassdoor reviews on the employer brand, reasons why a business needs to remove negative Glassdoor reviews, and the potential consequences of attempting to remove Glassdoor reviews.

Online Reputation Manage Analyzing the Effects of Glassdoor Review Removal on Employer Branding

Understanding the Importance of Glassdoor Reviews

Employees use Glassdoor reviews to both apply for jobs and be recruited by employers. Reviews serve a purpose, as they describe a firm’s work environment, culture, pay transparency, and greater employee satisfaction. These platforms play a major role in enabling job seekers to research about choosing a good company and ensure their company values ​​and business goals. From the employer’s point of view, reviews on the glassdoor allow for a feedback mechanism that is very important in providing the necessary perspective on areas where they work well and areas where they need to work more.

How Glassdoor Reviews Affect Employer Branding

Glassdoor, a popular online review platform, has a significant impact on employer branding. Organizations are aware of the damage that online reviews represent to their employment brand. Prospective job seekers visit the Glassdoor review site before connecting with the company as candidates get a lot of information about the company through this site.

Therefore, companies are held responsible for maintaining a high rating on Glassdoor in order not to lose the reputation of their business. Disparaging comments made through the platform about this organization will have a negative impact on its employer brand resulting in the pursuit of job opportunities elsewhere by future workers and elsewhere by the customer’s business.

Furthermore, if employees give an honest and negative review on Glassdoor, the reputation of a company as an employer can adversely be affected. Employers brand themselves to be competitively pulling in the best and the brightest to work for their organization. The employer branding of the company having positive reviews will help attract the top talent ,whereas having negative reviews can be the factor for the dissuading of the talent. Negative reviews are a means of giving an impression that your company’s workplace culture is dirty, marginally managed or not up to a positive mark on employees.

How To Delete Glassdoor Reviews

Taking this ethical issue of removing negative reviews from Glassdoor lightly is definitely not a good option for companies. These are two key pillars we have to build trust with potential employees and customers. Remove fake Glassdoor reviews, especially without a valid reason, can be seen as an attempt to manipulate and control public perception. If the takedown is discovered, it can ultimately further damage the company’s reputation and further erode trust among their audience. On the contrary, it shows that organizations are expected to deal properly with negative reviews, take real problems into account and make efforts to improve their working environment rather than trying to silence or brush them off.

To maintain an honest and fair online reputation, the Online Reputation Manage company has developed proprietary methods for removing negative Glassdoor reviews with the help of their legal team. They closely monitor and validate every review to identify those that are not authentic or violate platform guidelines. They work closely with their legal experts to gather evidence to support claims, including fake or mistaken content. Then, they ask Glassdoor to remove these fake reviews and continue to follow up until they are taken down.

Alternative approaches for managing negative reviews on Glassdoor

1) Responding to Reviews: 

Managing negative reviews can be done effectively by responding promptly and professionally. Glassdoor’s data shows that 62% of job seekers consider how companies respond to employee reviews before deciding to apply for a job.

When responding to a negative review, it is essential to remain calm and empathetic while addressing the concerns raised. Start by acknowledging the reviewer’s experience and thanking them for their feedback. Then, offer a solution or explanation if possible. This approach demonstrates to potential candidates that the company values its employees’ opinions and takes their concerns seriously.

2) Encouraging Positive Reviews

One effective way to handle negative reviews is by encouraging current employees to leave positive reviews on Glassdoor. When a company has a higher number of positive reviews, the impact of one or two negative ones is lessened. 

Employers can motivate their workers to leave positive feedback by creating a transparent culture where employees feel comfortable sharing their experiences honestly. Additionally, offering bonuses or rewards for leaving positive reviews can also boost engagement.

3) Improving Company Culture

To prevent negative reviews, it’s important to address any issues within the company culture that could be causing dissatisfaction among employees. Employers should regularly seek feedback from their workforce through surveys or open-door policies and take action based on these insights.

By improving workplace culture, employers can create a happier and more satisfied workforce, which is more likely to leave positive reviews about their experiences with the company.


Online reputation management is crucial for businesses in today’s digital landscape. Negative Glassdoor reviews can have a significant impact on employer branding and reputation. It is important for companies to approach negative reviews responsibly and use them as an opportunity for improvement rather than attempting to remove them. By actively monitoring reviews, addressing concerns, and implementing strategies to enhance employee satisfaction, businesses can improve their reputation, attract top talent, and build a strong employer brand.

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