Removing Negative or Fake Glassdoor Reviews: Strategies for Reputation Management

In the digital age, online reviews hold immense power in shaping public perception of businesses. Glassdoor, a platform known for employee reviews, can greatly influence a company’s reputation. Negative or fake reviews on Glassdoor can have detrimental effects on an organization’s image, leading to decreased employee morale, customer trust, and business opportunities. In this article, […]

How Can You Report And Remove Negative Glassdoor Reviews

Can You Report Remove Negative Glassdoor Reviews

A ongoing question for most recruiting managers and TA teams: can negative glassdoor reviews be removed or improved? Particularly if they are less than 4.0, as this has a detrimental influence on their KPIs, hiring measures, and the business. In this blog post, Online Reputation Manage will explain glassdoor reviews, whether it’s possible to  remove […]



Monitoring your online reputation management has become crucial for both personal and professional success in the current digital world, as information travels quickly and views are readily shared. Your job, business, and relationships may all be greatly impacted by your internet reputation. Fortunately, there are practical methods for managing and keeping an eye on your […]

Online Reputation Manage – How Bad Glassdoor Reviews Are Hurting Your Sales And What You Should Do About It


Online Reputation Manage– Online reviews are crucial in today’s digital age for shaping a company’s reputation and influencing consumer choices. Glassdoor is one of the most popular sites for employer reviews. While controlling customer evaluations is a common emphasis for organizations, they frequently neglect the huge influence that Glassdoor reviews have on their bottom line. […]

How to Remove Negative Glassdoor Reviews

How To Remove Negative Glassdoor Reviews

Online Reputation Manage – Your online reputation is linked to the quality and quantity of reviews available in search results in the digital environment. Having negative Glassdoor reviews harms many businesses’ online reputations, regardless of whether the review is true or false. Glassdoor is a website where people can leave anonymous reviews, making it easy […]

How To Delete Glassdoor Review

How To Delete Glassdoor Review

Glassdoor is the most important platforms for employees and job seekers to share their experiences and insights about companies. While the platform promotes transparency and helps individuals make informed decisions, there may be instances when you want to delete a posted Glassdoor review. In this blog will guide you through the process of delete a […]

5 ways to respond positively to a negative Glassdoor review

5 ways to respond positively to a negative Glassdoor reviews Online Reputation Management – When a negative Glassdoor review comes your way, it can be hard to know what to do. It’s tempting to ignore the review or write an angry reply, but this will only make matters worse. If you respond quickly and reply […]

Why Your Business’s Customer Experience Matters

Providing successful customer experience strategy are becoming increasingly important topics in business today. Marketers’ primary focus is typically on the customer experience. Customer experience encompasses everything about a company that influences a customer’s perception and feelings about it, and it encourages brand advocacy. Customers have higher standards for brands. While competing with more established brands […]

Statistics of Online Reputation Management

Statistics of Online Reputation Management 01

Statistics of Online Reputation Management The statistics of online reputation management are a cause of concern for many brand management professionals as it keeps on changing sporadically. These changed facts or statistics can upset your well laid plans within moments. The world of online reputation management burns with the stories of tragedy, and bad rumours that can […]

Why Does Your Company Need Wikipedia?

Wikipedia creation and management

Why Does Your Company Need Wikipedia? One of the astonishing facts that will tell you the need of Wikipedia is- Wikipedia appears for almost 99% of the search queries. In fact, if you have ever searched anything on Google, you must have noticed that Wikipedia link appears as one of the first 5 pages in […]