Online Reputation Manage: How Can You Report And Remove Negative Glassdoor Reviews

Can You Report Remove Negative Glassdoor Reviews

A ongoing question for most recruiting managers and TA teams: can negative glassdoor reviews be removed or improved? Particularly if they are less than 4.0, as this has a detrimental influence on their KPIs, hiring measures, and the business. In this blog post, Online Reputation Manage will explain glassdoor reviews, whether it’s possible to  remove or fix them, as well as strategies for doing so.

Why Glassdoor Reviews Matter

A recent Glassdoor content titled “Millions of Workers Are At this point Reading Your The business’s Reviews Each Day” clarifies that many job applicants now read business reviews on sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor as part of their research before applying for jobs or accepting offers. According to the report, one in every three prospects now screens potential employers based on the company’s reputation before responding to a job offer. 

Negative reviews may have the following effects:

  1. Increased hiring time
  2. Delays in filling a post have an influence on product and service deadlines, affecting company.
  3. Stock prices are affected by negative publicity.
  4. Effects badly in brand reputation
  5. Increases marketing spending in order to restore reputation

Can you find anonymous Glassdoor reviews?

Glassdoor takes reviews that are anonymous seriously in order to maintain the platform’s mission. One of the reasons customers believe that the content is because objective reviews are an extension of the platform’s company. 

Glassdoor is dedicated to providing a constructive location for customers to anonymously discuss their thoughts about their employment and organizations without fear of bullying or intimidation.

According to online reputation manage anyone posted anonymous negative glassdoor reviews and you want to see who is the reviewer then its difficult to find the name of the reviewer.

And if someone takes legal action to discover out who published a review, they defend that user’s First Amendment right to express themselves anonymously. 

Is it possible to remove fake or negative Glassdoor reviews?

Negative glassdoor reviews might be a company’s worst fear. In fact, According to one of the online reputation management agency discover that the existence of negative glassdoor reviews might result in a 5.9% reduction in share prices for an 500 business.

How can an employer remove/remove a review from Glassdoor:

Yes, the employer can request that the evaluations be deleted if you believe they are incorrect or unsuitable. To report a review, follow the steps indicated below by Glassdoor:

To report important from the Employer Centre, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Employer Centre.
  2. Select the Reviews tile.
  3. Click the Flag symbol below the material on the review you want to report.
  4. If a text box (limited to 1,500 characters or fewer) is available, describe why you are reporting the review.
  5. Click the Send button.

To delete own negative glassdoor review:

Want to delete glassdoor reviews then follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Glassdoor account
  2. Click on the Glassdoor profile icon on the top right corner of the site
  3. Click Contribute in the drop-down menu
  4. On the left side of the page, click the type of contribution you want to delete
  5. Click Remove to remove your contribution
  6. Please allow up to 24 hours for your reviews to be completely removed from Glassdoor.

How to make sure negative reviews aren’t affecting your business

First and foremost, reply to any negative reviews you come across. Responding to evaluations will assist to mitigate the damage and retain employees who are reading them from leaving your organisation. Many nasty remarks are anonymous, making it impossible to identify the employee. It is still being responded to.

Make an effort of responding to the complaints about your business. For example, if the review indicates sexual harassment at your organisation and you know who filed the review, you should reply to that individual review. You may also react to larger-scale evaluations. You can react to all of the reviews if one of them states anything like inadequate pay. For example, in response to one review, you could remark, “We pay our employees above the industry standard, and here is proof,” and then send a link to the proof to your employees.

Legitimate Ways to Improve Your Glassdoor Rating

At work, there are several potential for things to go wrong. Disagreements among coworkers, unfulfilling responsibilities, and demanding customers are all prevalent sources of stress in the workplace. However, when these concerns get so severe that they create a hostile work atmosphere, it is necessary to take action.

1. Ask Employees to Review You on Glassdoor

If you haven’t submitted reviews on Glassdoor but your company has been receiving negative opinions, you should urge employees to provide feedback on their work experience. In fact, you should invite them to do so in a company meeting and explain how their feedback would benefit the firm. Several studies have been conducted on firms that have requested their employees to publish reviews and have observed the influence of such reviews on their stock price.

2. Add the Glassdoor badge to your job postings

If you’re looking for prospective employees, you can include a Glassdoor badge in your job postings for the roles you’re looking to fill. This can boost your Glassdoor rating and make job ads more appealing to job seekers. To add the badge, go to You may also include the badge into your company’s website. For example, if you have a “employee-friendly” product, you may display a logo on your website to inform potential buyers.

Negative Glassdoor reviews will damage the company’s reputation, and may influence job seekers to decline the job and seek employment elsewhere. Once you connect with online reputation manage for glassdoor review removal service, they  will do everything possible to improve your company’s reputation and remove negative glassdoor reviews.

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