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We all have heard of defamation cases occurring throughout the judiciary on all levels. Libels and slanderers can be fittingly punished by our courts, but it is a whole new story when it comes to slander online.

As facts hold out to us, we can see that there is little to no action against online defamation. Libels and slanderers can go without consequences for a long time on the internet that can destroy a person or a brand’s reputation. 

So what can be done about such libels and slanderers that roam the internet without any punishment to fear? That is what we will talk about in today’s blog by Online Reputation Manage.

What is Considered as Slander?

4 main points are considered when someone makes a case of slander. These 4 points are:

  • There was a defamatory message 
  • There was the publication of the message
  • The person who was defamed could be identified
  • The defamation caused harm to the defamed person’s reputation

If these 4 points can be proven, the person who has published defamatory content can be held liable under the law and be punished with a defamation suit.

Why do Online Slanderers and Libels get Away With Defamation?

Online slander is extremely common to witness because of two things: Anonymity and uncontrollability of the internet.

Anyone with an internet connection and a device to access it can log on to the internet and can publish whatever content he/she likes without ever having to give out his/her identity online. The anonymity factor of the internet is a huge privilege but is often abused by libels and slanderers. They slander brands or individuals mercilessly as the anonymity of the internet ensures no consequences for their actions.

The other factor that helps libel to get away with defamation online is the sheer vastness of the internet. The internet is ever-expanding always and many parts cannot be controlled before the damage has been done. It is very hard for the authorities to track down slanderers and libels online due to large areas of the internet that are not under their jurisdiction and of course due to the anonymity factor of the internet. 

What can be done to Counter Online Slander?

Online slander can be sometimes a nuisance but many times snowballs into something dangerous. So it is always a good practice to keep a check on slander of you or your business online. 

Since it is very difficult for the authorities to properly crackdown on online slander and defamation, other methods can be undertaken to protect your reputation online.

Online Reputation Management is a practice that involves SEO, PR, and digital marketing tactics to help you maintain a squeaky clean reputation for you or your brand. ORM helps in draining out all online slander that can harm your reputation and hence your business. It is a great solution that is provided privately when the authorities fail to tackle slanderers and libels online. offers a variety of services to provide you an ORM plan that suits the needs of you and your business accordingly. We have managed the online reputation of big corporations and small businesses alike and can supply you with online protection according to your problems.

Onlinereputationmanage has two main ORM protection plans that can help you against slanderers and libels. They are:

  • The Gold ORM Plan
  • The Silver ORM Plan

You can check out all details on our ORM Protection page here.

Regardless of whatever plan you choose, has got you covered on all bases of ORM. Our tactics are spread through Google Reviews, WordPress, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, etc. You name the platform and we will have you covered. We also provide custom ORM plans to suit your business needs to increase your internet reputation to the fullest. 

In today’s cut-throat market, slander and defamation can destroy your business before any verdict comes out. It is a responsible and careful business practice to have control over your internet reputation in the digitalized world of today.

With our excellent market-proven SEO and PR, we have saved on average 12% revenue of our clients in the duration they were with us and had a cutting of 7% on their expenses! Our success rate ranges to 98% and we have served over three hundred clients! 

With’s flexibility and reasonability, there is no better ORM protection plan out there than ours.

Defamation online is rampant and needs to be controlled. If you or your business are getting hurt with slander, it might be a good decision to get a hold of your internet reputation through agencies that can help you with SEO, PR, and tackling online defamation.

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