Online Reputation Management - How Negative Google Reviews Destroy Google Rankings

Counter Google reviews
Counter Google reviews

In the previous post on how to improve your Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking, we talked about practices that could get you to the coveted top result of the world’s largest search engine. We covered SEO practices and Remove Google Reviews and how to publish SEO friendly content. These were all internal factors.

As we may like it or not, external factors also come into play in your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines. So, today we are going into the details of how some external factors- particularly negative Google reviews have the power to tank not only your search engine result page rankings but also your entire business.


How Do Negative Reviews Affect My Business?

Excessive negative reviews that are posted online by trolls are not distinguished from authentic ones and are hence available for everyone to see. These posts on Google reviews are the first things that pop up on a Google SERP when a potential customer searches for your business. And research suggests that negative reviews can turn away consumers by as much as a staggering 92%!

People on the internet in the modern era are inclining more and more towards businesses that have a solid online reputation. Millennial consumers are drawn to businesses that have a good social media image. Online reputation management is a must for any business that wants to survive in today’s cut-throat competition

Negative Google reviews have the potential to destroy an online business as customers are drawn to websites with a good rapport. Not only that, Google also doesn’t support businesses with low ratings on their SERP as it follows the model of “fewer people like it, so fewer people should see it”. In short, negative reviews are a real threat to an online as well as offline business alike as most customers come across a product or service online, mostly through Google.


Do Negative Reviews Really Decrease My Google SERP Rankings?

As mentioned above, Google follows the mantra of popularity. That is if more people like it then it should be made available for more people. Not only do negative reviews affect your potential user base, in some cases, it has to lead to Google black hatting websites due to poor Google reviews.

Your SERP can be severely affected by negative reviews on Google and it can lead to a huge dent in your business. Negative reviews removal should be a priority of a business as it can destroy its SERP ranking and consequently its customer base.


What Can I Do To Counter And Remove Negative Reviews?

Well, there is an option through Google to contest the validity of a negative review but that is tedious and often unreliable.

One option could be to utilize SEO friendly practices and update your meta description in such a way that true reviews pop on Google’s SERP when a consumer searches a keyword that matches your business.

But by far the best option to counter such a ‘dangerous nuisance’ would be to hire experts. Experts that are well versed in search engine reputation management and negative reviews removal. Battling excessive negative reviews to improve your online reputation is time-consuming but also difficult. So it’s best if you hire professionals who can do the job for you while you focus on your main business.


How Can Help?

Online Repuation Manage specializes in search engine reputation management including Bing, Yahoo, and especially Google. We have proven our market and have satisfied over three hundred clients through our SEO skills. has in-house SEO experts that can remove negative reviews from Google through their SEO and online reputation management skills. ORM has worked with small businesses and brands as well as large corporations. We have plenty of experience under our belt and understand the problem completely. Through our such thorough understanding, we can provide our customers with exactly what they want, when they want, and how they want their online reputation management.

We offer plenty of services like negative reviews removal on Google, search engine reputation management, and Google review management. Check us out for more ORM services and follow us on our socials to know more!



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