Drawbacks Of Not Doing Online Reputation Management For A Company

A company’s reputation may make or break its success in the digital era. The public’s perception of firms is more accessible and important than ever because of the growth of social media and online review sites. Online reputation management service has become increasingly important to any company’s overall strategy in this environment. Unfortunately, some firms […]

Why Your Business’s Customer Experience Matters

Providing successful customer experience strategy are becoming increasingly important topics in business today. Marketers’ primary focus is typically on the customer experience. Customer experience encompasses everything about a company that influences a customer’s perception and feelings about it, and it encourages brand advocacy. Customers have higher standards for brands. While competing with more established brands […]

How to Rank in Google’s Featured Snippets

Online Reputation Manage – Google provides opportunities for google’s featured snippets. A ‘featured snippet box’ is a relatively new feature introduced by Google to assist searchers in finding answers more quickly without having to visit any website. Or, at the very least, to get a sense of a possible answer before visiting the website for […]

Statistics of Online Reputation Management

Statistics of Online Reputation Management 01

Statistics of Online Reputation Management The statistics of online reputation management are a cause of concern for many brand management professionals as it keeps on changing sporadically. These changed facts or statistics can upset your well laid plans within moments. The world of online reputation management burns with the stories of tragedy, and bad rumours that can […]

Why Does Your Company Need Wikipedia?

Wikipedia creation and management

Why Does Your Company Need Wikipedia? One of the astonishing facts that will tell you the need of Wikipedia is- Wikipedia appears for almost 99% of the search queries. In fact, if you have ever searched anything on Google, you must have noticed that Wikipedia link appears as one of the first 5 pages in […]

What is bad reputation? Five Steps to Improve Your Online Reputation.

ways to improve your reputation

What is bad reputation? Five Steps to Improve Your Online Reputation A simple way to define your reputation is, it is the combination of your actions and other’s opinion about you. Your Actions + Other’s Opinion = Your Reputation This simple equation has the power to turn your business, as well as your personal life, […]

How to Recover Your Online Reputation after a Crisis?

recover your reputation after crisis

How to Recover Your Online Reputation after a Crisis? Your online reputation has the ability to turn your business upside down within a single night. No wise businessman would jeopardize it at any cost. The online reputation of your company determines whether your business is going to flourish in the near future or is it […]

7 Benefits Of Online Reputation Management

Benefits of online Reputation Management

7 Benefits of Online Reputation Management As we have covered extensively in our previous blogs, online reputation management is essential in the modern era of marketing where everything is digitalized and the internet is no longer a commodity, but a necessity and a basic human right. So in this day and age where the internet […]