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WHY PERSONALITY REPUTATION MANAGEMENT MATTERS? Every personality has two sides, a person from inside and a person from outside. A person from inside concerns you and only the person you think you are. It may include your goal, your dream, your value, your fear, your sorrow and your happiness too. That’s why the person from […]

10 Biggest Mistakes in Influencer Marketing

Mistakes in influencer marketing

10 Biggest Mistakes in Influencer Marketing Marketing in the digital world has gone beyond just promoting advertisements on Tv and radio to social media and much more. It has evolved into a dialogue from a monologue of just brands dominating the advertisement space. Brands are investing in heavy finances to get these strategies right and […]

Difference between Influence Marketing and Influencer Marketing

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Difference between Influence Marketing and Influencer Marketing Man is a social animal. He always keeps visiting and greeting new people. Not only the physical other self but also another person’s culture, school of thought and behaviours. Man is always attracted by materialistic things and with every visit to your colleague’s place, you find something interesting […]

What is more important Character or Personality


What is more important: Character Or Personality “Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open.  – Elmer G. Letterman.” Character refers to the sums of individual qualities that a person has which differentiates him/her from others. Character is simply a unique set of mental and moral qualities. Character is something which comes from […]